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| January 2, 2011 | Reply

Cooking on a regular basis could be the much neglected deciding factor in a healthy lifestyle. An article in the New York times highlights some of the considerable advantages of cooking your meals from scratch rather than relying on ready to eat processed foods.

The requirement in terms of time may not be great. A graphic reveals a telling statistic that normal weight Americans spend only 6.8 % more time buying, and preparing meals than overweight Americans. To be fair that statistic does not tell the complete story, like for example whether the difference in time spent is the reason for their healthier weight but the story is just an editorial.

The message is general and if it is to be believed, a little strange. According to the story, a Nielsen Survey shows that Americans spend on average 35 hours a week watching television and cooking shows are popular draws. This contrasts to the decreasing time spent cooking- Ironic to say the least.

So how can we improve our diets in the long run. Just by taking the time to cook more often. I like that message. Just cook people.

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